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If you own a private well, you alone are responsible for your well water testing. Contaminants could show up in your well water potentially putting your family’s health at risk. Because you may not taste, smell, or see many types of contaminants, it is important to have your water regularly tested. Even if your water supply is safe, regular testing can serve as an early detection warning thus limiting your exposure to years of drinking harmful contaminants.

The EPA recommends that private well owners test their drinking water every year for coliform bacteria and nitrates, especially if it is a new well or pipes, pumps, or well casing have been replaced or repaired. More frequent water quality testing may be advisable if you notice a change in the taste, color, or clarity of your water or if your water has an unusual odor. You should also test well water if any of the following conditions are present: known contaminated wells or failing septic tank systems on neighboring properties, your well has been flooded, or a chemical or fuel spill has occurred near your well. When you buy or sell a home with a private well, many government backed loans may require current water quality testing results to show the water is safe to drink.

Sawnee Environmental Services only uses accredited laboratories which maintain strict standards of quality and are certified by many southeastern state regulatory agencies to provide environmental analytical services. We understand and use proper sampling protocols to eliminate false positives which are more likely to result from careless amateur sampling. We produce professional reports, supporting documentation, and are available to consult with our client if needed. If you are concerned about the quality of your drinking water, please give us a call to discuss.

If you are seeking to have your well water tested to qualify for a government secured loan, please consult with your loan officer before utilizing any DIY mail order test kit. These kits may offer over 100 tests and will appear to be a cost effective solution. However, a positive test result for one of these additional tests may complicate your loan processing and will offer no insight into the true quality of your water. Furthermore, these labs may or may not be certified in Georgia for the required analyses. Use of these test kits generally would not satisfy the requirement of an unbiased third party testing service because they rely on a private individual to collect the sample.



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