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Sawnee Environmental Services is a Georgia licensed lead-based paint (LBP) company with extensive experience in conducting lead-based paint inspections on commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

Lead-based paint inspection costs vary depending on the level of service required. Collecting a few paint chip samples for laboratory analysis may start as low as $200. These types of inspections are often used to satisfy special home financing requirements such as VA or FHA loans in which the initial property assessment noted “peeling” or “chipped” paint. A full HUD-compliant lead-based paint inspection will cost considerably more.

HUD regulations require that a licensed lead-based paint inspector perform the work. In Georgia, that inspector must also work for a licensed lead-based paint company. Our residential inspections include testing for LBP in all accessible interior spaces and building exterior surfaces. We use a portable X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzer to detect lead concentrations in paint and other surface coatings. By using an XRF analyzer, we are able to provide immediate and accurate measurements without damaging painted surfaces. Once the physical inspection is completed, we provide a report discussing our findings and recommendations as it pertains to your specific project. Our reports include easy to understand floor-plans which clearly identify the locations of positive XRF readings and photographs to assist with identifying LBP locations. Finding lead-based paint is often the easy part, however, clearly presenting the information in a professional manner that addresses the needs of the property owner is our specialty.

Whether you need to have the entire home inspected, a few paint chips analyzed, or have a large scale commercial project give us a call and see how we can help.



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